Rosario Beach

The Fidalgo Bay Day 2020 Scavenger Hunt activity Intertidal BioBlitz Bingo can be played in the tidepools at Deception Pass State Park’s Rosario Beach.

When the COVID-19 pandemic kept the Skagit County Marine Resources Committee from holding its annual Fidalgo Bay Day, the committee adjusted.

It is now hosting the Fidalgo Bay Day 2020 Scavenger Hunt through Sept. 30.

“Despite the disappointment of not being able to gather hundreds of folks on the shores of Fidalgo Bay for the annual Fidalgo Bay Day, many of the usual participants have worked hard to provide virtual experiences for young and old to participate in, enjoy, and learn some new things,” Fidalgo Bay Day event co-chairman Pete Haase said. “It is quite exciting to see such enthusiasm for trying something new.”

The Scavenger Hunt Activity Guide includes a variety of mostly outdoor educational activities for all ages. To download the guide or to find where hard copies are available, go to

Committee member Tracy Alker said the 12-member Fidalgo Bay Day planning committee came up with the Fidalgo Bay Day 2020 Scavenger Hunt “as a way to get families outside to explore our local beaches and learn about the marine environment.”

Some of the 14 activities that make up the scavenger hunt include “The Maiden of Deception Pass: Learn the Samish Story, “Intertidal Bioblitz Bingo, “Forage Fish — Unsung Heroes of the Salish Sea” and “Meet the Great Blue Heron.”

Traditionally, Fidalgo Bay Day has been spearheaded by a large volunteer contingency, and drew about 400 people a year ago.

But that was before the pandemic.

“We’ve never done anything quite like this before,” Alker said of the scavenger hunt. “... Up until this year, Fidalgo Bay Day has been a one-day event filled with lots of interactive indoor and outdoor activities provided by several local organizations for kids of all ages.”

Participants in the Fidalgo Bay Day 2020 Scavenger Hunt who complete at least seven activities by Sept. 30 will receive a certificate of completion and special recognition on the Skagit County Marine Resources Committee website.

To receive certificates, email with the completed activities, how many points were earned and what was learned.

Share photos of scavenger hunt adventures on Instagram at the hashtag #FidalgoBayDay2020.

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