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Election over. Time to get started correcting many recent mistakes and appointments for democracy in the U.S.A.

In a “normal” year, each fall I bring a group of students to the Skagit County Department of Emergency Management for a sandbagging training and competition.

It’s been a difficult year for our nation's law enforcement families: 238 officers shot, 44 fatally wounded, 149 committed suicide, 252 died in the line of duty and 282 died from COVID-19.

“The dying needs the community, its help and fellowship. The community needs the dying to make it think of eternal issues and to make it listen.” – Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of hospice.

President Trump believes if you tweet a lie repeatedly, it becomes truth. And his supporters will repeat those untruths. He will tell you he rescued the nation from Obama then lost to Biden due to a rigged election, but if you do the math, the sham is exposed.

Donald Trump lost this election by more than six million votes. His repeated claims of fraud have proven false. Unfortunately, many of his supporters believe these lies and claim that the election was stolen by corrupt Democrats.

What a delight it was to learn that Skagit County commissioners adopted a budget for 2021 that avoids deep cuts or tax increases. The reason? County leaders had the foresight to create and contribute, over the years, to a reserve fund for just such emergencies as the fiscal crisis brought on…

Biden chides Trump about impeding virus vaccines? President Trump was behind it from the get-go. Who pushed "Operation Warp Speed?" Biden and the rest wanted nothing to do with it and did nothing to help with it. Now he's trying to act like he's concerned?

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Some good reading material during our shutdown with COVID-19 is “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” (A history of Nazi Germany) by William L. Shirer.

I vividly remember Nov. 8, 2016, when the world was stunned to learn that Donald Trump had a sufficient number of Electoral College votes to become the 45th president … my president. While clearly not the winner of the popular vote, he won the election fair and square.

There is a bill sitting in Congress that is being sponsored by Democrats. It would provide relief to workers and to the small businesses that employ them. It is sorely needed.

Thanks to Hospice of the Northwest, my husband Bill was able to be at 九游会官网网页版_j9.com真home for the last several weeks of his life. Hospice made it possible for me to care for him by supplying all medical equipment and daily supplies.

School district administrations, staff and teachers are working hard to feed families, literally and figuratively. Recently I have read some amazing data from school districts relating to extended meal services for families in the different counties.

It’s time Donald Trump admitted that nearly 80 million voters, the largest number of voters in U.S. history, agree that he is not what a democratic-minded nation considers when we choose our leaders. Not Democrats anyway.

The peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another is one of the hallmarks of a successful democracy. Many countries fail this test and wind up with a president for life (like Russia). When a country like Ghana or Liberia achieves this milestone, its citizens can be proud that…

Hospice of the Northwest was a wonderful support to us as my parents began their transitions from this life. I don’t know how we’d have made it through those challenging times without the nurses, advisors and calm counsel this organization so generously and compassionately provided us.

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Thinking about Veterans Day, I realized very few Americans during the age of COVID have any idea of the collective sacrifices for the greater good that needed to be made in the past.

Many who delight in warning us about socialism apparently believe the word itself is scary, like “cancer” or “terrorism” or the “Gobble-uns ‘at gits you if you don’t watch out” in James Whitcomb Riley’s 1885 poem, “Little Orphant Annie.”

As we endure another week of news where we watch what color a state has gone and what-if analysis on the electronic touch screens, the absurdity of this process should become apparent to us all.

There have been a lot of articles in the news about the Electoral College. I think it is good that all 50 states have a voice in the election of the president of the United States. All 50 states have a say in legislation because of the U.S. Senate. Populations can be concentrated in small ar…

As a long-time hospice nurse, I was shocked to read that our well-functioning, nonprofit local hospice may be sold by the Mount Vernon and Sedro Woolley hospital districts, to a for-profit hospice ... supposedly to consider if a large organization from out of state, can "do it better."

President-elect Biden has promised to “Build Back Better” and to “heal our demonized nation.” These are admirable sentiments, but Biden is historically saddled with his Obama legacy of callously undermining jobs in America’s traditional energy sectors and exporting manufacturing jobs overseas.

Protests continue over governmental, scientific and social pressure to wear masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Those who refuse to put on masks say their rights are being trampled by social mandates.

An Oct. 28 article in the Skagit Valley Herald about the potential sale of Hospice of the Northwest quoted Brian Ivie, CEO of Skagit Regional Health, as saying consideration of the offer isn't because of financial issues and that the nonprofit is, for the most part, self-sustaining.

I have worked for the past four years as a nurse with Hospice of the Northwest, and I can honestly say that I have never worked in a setting that has offered such a strong environment of collaboration, teamwork, unity and support.

How many times over the past few decades have we seen a well-managed, financially successful company or organization run into the ground after it was taken over by private equity investors whose only interest is in making money? How frequently have we seen new owners cut corners and fail to …

In an Oct. 25 letter, “Electoral College is misunderstood,” the writer presents an interesting argument for not replacing the Electoral College, but asserts that replacing this method of our government requires replacing all methods, without providing any detailed argument to support that as…

Skagit Valley citizens beware. The government is coming for your money. After the election, every government entity and quasi-government entity (school districts, transportation districts, dike districts, etc.) with the power to tax, will be out to refill their coffers.

Before retiring, I worked as an RN for 50 years, the last 30 as a hospice nurse. During the final four years, I was a “traveler,” taking three- to six-month contracts in programs that needed temporary help. It allowed me to experience new areas of this country and varied ways of delivering t…

I am glad to see more people in the community noticed the article on the proposed changes in our local hospice. With all the complaints about things going on in health care, government and pandemics, I am surprised at what Skagit Regional Health is considering.

There is a place for for-profit businesses, but hospice is not one of them. The nature and purpose of hospice is fundamentally incompatible with constraints imposed by a corporate structure.

Perhaps more than I’ve seen in my lifetime, we are experiencing campaign tactics, responses and actions of a more blatant variety, mixed in with the stress of COVID, economic, societal and environmental uncertainties. Regardless of your political beliefs and regardless of whom you vote for, …

The Trump administration’s approach to the coronavirus is to “not try to control it.” Its most recent actions would lead one to think they were attempting to get to “herd immunity” for the United States population (less testing, no active programs, discouraging masking, social distancing).