“Supply and demand” is a phrase that has been embellished into our minds for as long as I can remember. This implies that supply comes before demand, when in reality, it’s the other way around. There would be no supply without demand.

In thinking that because of President Trump’s climate change denial that the Democrats have a better resolve walks us down a false path of recovery.

Over the decades, the Democrats have done little to reduce the demand for more energy. Instead, in their backward way of thinking, they blame and go after the supply side.

This wrong way of thinking can only cause the price of everything to go up for everybody.

It’s the demand side that needs to be addressed because supply will always follow, even if it costs more.

If Gov. Inslee was more productive about combatting climate change, he would promote solutions like a trade-a-job program where people end up working closer to 九游会官网网页版_j9.com真home. Mandating that all schools be represented by only one varsity sport team is another worthy example.

Energy saving ideas like these would educate and promote our wanting to walk the walk in reducing our usage.

Challenging our personal desires is the most friendly way to slow things down.

A while ago, I observed thousands of the most ardent global warmists travel a combined millions of miles to watch a bunch of guys kick the ball back and forth on the grass for a few hours.

“As real as climate change can be, it doesn’t apply to ‘me’” should be the mantra.

Following the lure of the incompetent Democrats and their take-control agenda can only hook us into a really expensive, big government takeover.

Please advocate for personal responsibility and don’t bite the bait.

Marty McNett


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