People who are pro-business wear masks so our COVID-19 case rate is low enough for us to safely open businesses more, open schools to in person learning, and much more.

The Herald’s recent article had a misleading title. It reports on the local GOP’s choice to ignore public health and safety guidelines for their fundraising event. The headline suggests there are no new cases from the GOP event.

With attendees ignoring public health guidelines, I’m not surprised that they might not want to report that they or a family member were at the event. I especially noted candidate Bill Bruch, who seems not to know that masks prevent transmission of the virus and who admits he does not trust state and local public health officials. Since he’s ignoring science and fact, I wonder who he does trust.

I have known Dr. Leibrand since shortly after I came to the valley to practice medicine, over 15 years ago. He has always been thoughtful, meticulous and conscientious in his public health work. I trust him completely.

We need elected officials who believe in facts and science to get us through the pandemic and to revive our economy. The GOP and their selective, “this doesn’t apply to us” mentality are poor choices as the rest of us do the right things.

They are welcome to join us, but they will have to step back into the real world where science and facts are used to solve problems.

They have showed the rest of us they are not up to the real work of dealing with the virus and the economy.

Peggy Bissell, M.D.


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